Friday, 25 March 2016

8: letter to God

Dear God,

I know that I don’t have a good past karma but why does what goes around comes around? I am not a person who would have knowledge of how you make this world work but I am just a tiny human being who doesn’t understands it all and make silly to big mistakes at times. But I love the little game you call the world. It is mesmerizing. For someone like me it is not very best. There are so many struggles for me but I still like being part of this. Thank you for this beautiful world.

 I am taking my first step after a touchdown gone bad at Philippines. I will be going to Dharamsala to study Tibetan Buddhism philosophy for 1 month and I would extend my stay there if I enjoy it. This is just the first step to get accustomed to the normal world around me and eventually I dream this step would grow in a bigger life decision regarding my goal to be able to teach yoga. I have a rough idea about how I would like to proceed.

 For now give me strength and courage to choose the simple thing and right thing for me. This time I am set out to change my patterns. I hope with your blessing, I will be able to make it this 1 month. Please give me enough wisdom to make kind decisions everyday and to choose my friends wisely. Please give me enough to eat and to distribute too. Save me from gluttony and overspending. May I lead a simple and kind life.


  1. Beautiful post. Give me strength to choose the right thing for me. Very well thought words.

    I had a chuckle when I read the word "touchdown". Today is superbowl day in USA. I live here. In American football, touchdown means 7 points in score.

  2. Would like to know more about your stay in Dharamsala.