Monday, 14 March 2016

7: soul talk

Why is it that even the small things bother some people so much. We used to call this nature of the person as a sensitive nature but then after listening to Brahmakumaris I realized that this is not the sensitive nature of soul but this happens because the soul is weak. The soul has been through such a long journey changing the body everytime that now it has become weak and it can not tolerate small things.

Soul (well me!) get hurts with small negative reactions of people. Even when someone doesn't reply to my message it hurts me or i should say it hurts my ego. Why it is important for us to have things our way? What if the other person is not just in mood to reply back. Why a small thing becomes a big issue in the mind.

It's not just about that one thing. It's about how everyone is busy trying to save themselves and here some of us expect other people to save us. A person could be a weak soul and be sad and cry. But for how long? there are going to be so many negative experiences in the life, my dear. Are we just gonna sob over them and fall into depression some day or realize that ego isn't bigger than the soul and admit we are weak and thus we need to charge ourselves up (with yoga) and accept unconditionally whatever life has to offer us.


  1. I get hurt too with the small negative reactions of people.

    Little Moon Elephant

  2. We are humans. I get hurt if I don't get immediate reply to my messages/emails. I realize it is not right.