Monday, 7 March 2016

chapter 1: karma yoga

You have been gifted a diamond like body; spend your time being involved in karma yoga to make full use of your life.

The concept of karma yoga is not unknown. For me it simply means selfless service. This has been a reason along with my quest of looking for my real self that I joined a nonprofit based in a small town in Himalayas. It was a root level organization and worked directly with the people of local community. I started my day one with painting the wooden basket and almost ended my duration there by performing theater in front of about 1000 people. It was such an amazing self discovery journey that I went through. It was during that time I really developed interest in karma yoga.

 My mind set took a stronger form when I went to Philippines to attend Yoga Teachers Training (YTT). I worked in the kitchen, worked on the computer and attended classes while I was there. It was a different kind of enjoyment there which I would write about in some other blog post.

Presently, I reside in my parent’s home in this city which is not very big. My belief in karma yoga still persists. After I recovered from the stressful state of my mind, I decided to do something good for the social cause again. For some time, I was confused about what steps should I take and where I should go. In my quest of looking out for some volunteer work in nonprofit sector I joined an institute of physically challenged children and taught them yoga. But after a while I stopped going there. I could hold stress responsible for that but I would say that happened because I was lazy and my nature to quit. Then I started going to a nonprofit in this city. I must tell you that I had great opportunities there. I could have worked directly with the community which I learnt as an experience of working at another nonprofit. I went there for a while and then confusion took over most of my mind.

 Since then I’ve been on a break so that my mind could rest more and then decide what I want to do next, how I want to start working for people again. This period wasn’t easy for me. I had to go through a phase of serious anguish and rage for certain good and garbage thoughts that occurred. But it’s coming to an end now. The light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem so far now. I’ve got few things in my hand and I want to continue them for a long while.

With this, I wish everyone a Happy Shivratri and a good day.

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