Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Chapter 2: Misc.

My Shivratri celebration has been good. I meditated on sadguru’s words and though it didn’t help me reach the higher levels, my body felt elevated. I was satisfied with my experience. Mom cooked potato paneer for the dinner which was absolutely fabulous. Thanks to her for being amazing cook sometimes.

I watched a (not so old) movie Iron Man 2 today. I liked Robert Downy Jr. in the movie. I think it’s after a long time that I liked someone of opposite sex. For a long time now I have forgotten what infatuation feels like but it needs some other post to describe it. I was moving a lot between the movie. I was watering the plants and hence I was out in the garden a lot.

It’s the beginning of the summer now, I think. All the full sleeves clothes go in the box and now it’s time for beautiful dresses again. Haha, who am I kidding? I am in a city where wearing dress could encourage boys for cat calling. My statement could be wrong because in a way dress has nothing to do with this kind of behavior in men but it also depends on place to place. Anyways, I have already decided to keep it simple and wear traditional suits this season. Gone are the days when I used to buy everything branded and in style. There is no part of me that wants to live that crazy city girl life again.

I leave with the quote by Nellie Bly :

Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.

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