Wednesday, 9 March 2016

3: Love of books

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.

Reading has been a hobby of mine which I developed in college. I studied in a school where English wasn’t given much importance and no one promoted reading among the students. One of my cousins worked in a book store and Ajay bhaiya told me that books are the best friend anyone can have and that a person would never feel lonely if he has the company of right books. Hence started my unending love of books. My goodreads account says that I have read about 40 books till now.

Why I choose to write about my love of books is because for the past few months I haven’t been feeling the right emotions to read any book at all. I tried reading different genres but it didn’t work. I just couldn’t sit in one place and enjoy reading. Blame it on the depression I stopped enjoying certain things.

I continued reading autobiography of Adolf Hitler. I have read half of it earlier. I started reading just for the sake of developing my hobby of reading again. It is also better than what my doctor tells me to watch daily serials on TV. There is something about Indian TV shows that I can’t tolerate.

I read most of the autobiography in 2014, I think so I don’t really remember whole of it but what I liked about it was Hitler’s passion for politics and how from very beginning he had every little detail planned out in his mind. Most of the book is filled with the political issues. I’ve not been interested in politics so I decided that now I have read the part 1 of the book and I will keep it to that.

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