Thursday, 10 March 2016


The girls are naughty. It's their third day that i have been teaching them but they are always in a playful mood. That doesn't mean they are not interested in learning. They are always excited to study new things. Ruby is 5 and Zuby is 3. Both come from an underprivileged Muslim family. Few days back my mom had an idea in her mind that since i don't do anything all day long, I can teach kids like that. I liked the idea because that is a kind of social service too. In the beginning, i was hesitant because i was new at it but then so were the girls. So, with different tasks and challenges everyday three of us enjoy the class.

I read Osho magazine and i really liked few things i read in it which i would like to share here:

  1. We should keep our expectations to zero. When there are no expectations life become better than the best. It said that do not expect the good, do not be greedy towards anything. Do not expect anything to happen or anyone to act according to you. Be present, watch your mind and see that for an hour and you will feel happy and free. When you are able to do this for one hour then try doing it for 24 hours.
  2. The past is like an unwanted invisible burden on your head. You can not go in the past. You can not relive the good times or the bad times so it is a waste to spend the energy to want to experience the past. Be aware of it and put that burden down . You will feel very light and you will feel good.
  3. Don't look out for security. We humans are always looking for security. Our reputation in the society, the house, the car, the right job etc. When you let go of security , everything become yours, every joy become yours in life. When you let go of security, all your tensions will go away because you will not have a measurement of any materialistic thing and it will keep your desire to the minimal.

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