Sunday, 13 March 2016

6: differences

Today was an average day like any other day. The girls came in the evening and brought their little brother along. He wouldn't let the girls study properly. I told them not to bring him to the class but inside i was wondering how difficult it would be for a 5 year old to take care of 1 year old baby while the mother is house keeper at some house.

Sometimes, it does hurt to see all the differences created in the society. How human being can be so heartless? It was just earlier today that i was discussing with Cherry that how people blindly ignore the goodness in people around them and look down upon them based on caste, creed, color and sex. Every person no matter how rich or poor is living his/her destiny. it has got nothing to do with how we treat the other person. Nothing gives anyone a right to downgrade someone. But this world is made up of many colors. what can be said or done.

On the other note, the weather is not being nice to people. Well, i love the rain and thunder but mom says that if it didn't stop raining then it will be harmful for the crops. It should be full summer by now but weather is being weird.


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